Retirement communities are exceptional choices for seniors, and the communities offer great opportunities to meet new friends. When reviewing opportunities to improve the quality of their lives, the seniors consider all the great amenities of these communities. 

Help With (Activities of Daily Living) ADLs

The communities are staffed with caregivers that help residents with activities of daily living. Mobility issues, injuries, and various health conditions prevent some seniors from bathing, grooming, and getting dressed on their own. The ADLs are a must for daily life, and the staff helps the residents maintain their dignity and privacy. The caregivers come to the person’s apartment each day to help with these tasks as needed. 

Improved Nutrition for Residents 

The community offers a full kitchen staff to prepare meals and help residents enjoy a well-balanced diet. Many seniors who live alone in their homes don’t get proper nutrition. For many individuals, the person doesn’t have the energy, the ability and many skip meals.

If the resident has dietary restrictions, the dieticians review and prepare meals according to their diet needs. The meals are delicious, balanced and offer plenty of vitamins and minerals. An on-site restaurant is a great place for all residents to dine together and socialize. When reviewing assisted living homes in West Hills, CA, potential residents evaluate the dining opportunities. 

Better Management for Medications 

In an assisted living community, residents receive assistance with their medication when needed. The staff receives orders from the individual’s doctor for their medications and sets up a schedule for each resident. The services keep the residents medicated for all their existing medical conditions.

For many seniors who are experiencing memory issues, the service ensures that they do not miss any doses of their medication and stay healthy. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia make individuals forgetful, and the person won’t see the full benefit of the medication if they don’t take the prescriptions as directed. 

Learning New Things Each Day 

For many seniors, memory is a major issue, and new activities help them improve cognitive skills. A memory care community helps residents by planning activities and new programs to enhance their memory. The activities may include games, puzzles, or even new skills that are helpful. 

The coordinator reviews the progression of each individual and sets up activities to improve memory retention. By teaching the residents a new skill, the individuals learn something new that is broken down into steps. By learning each step and associating the steps with ADLs, the residents retain information and won’t forget to do something important when they’re alone. 

Improved Social Engagement

Socialization is important for all elderly individuals and prevents them from becoming isolated or lonely. Loneliness can lead to depression and other negative effects on seniors.

In a senior community, the residents have several options for socializing with others. The communities host social gatherings for residents and give them a chance to meet new friends and enjoy great food and engaging conversation. Many seniors attend the gatherings, such as entertainment, exercise class and arts and crafts for everyone. By spending time with others, the seniors won’t feel alone or isolated. 

Group Exercise Opportunities

Exercise is a must to keep everyone healthier, and seniors need an exercise program to keep their flexibility, improve organ function and help them maintain an appropriate weight. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are common among the elderly, and the conditions require more than just medication to maintain.

On-site services such as an exercise room give the seniors somewhere to exercise and stay in shape. The grounds of the property offer beautiful outdoor spaces for everyone to enjoy. When spending time with friends, the seniors can walk around the grounds and get plenty of exercise. 

Adaptable Living Environment

Assisted living environments adapt according to the individual’s needs. If residents have Alzheimer’s disease, they attend memory care programs and may need extra help from caregivers. If the individuals get to a point where they cannot take care of themselves, the community may offer terrific options for providing extra help. 

Great Places for Seniors

Fallbrook Glen of West Hills offers exceptional apartments for seniors and offers ample privacy. Many seniors need a home where socializing is possible, and all residents have a chance to live independently for as long as possible. Seniors and families that want to learn more about the community get started by setting up a tour. 

When seniors need to improve their quality of life, finding a wonderful assisted living community to live is key. An assisted living with memory care retirement community offers great amenities and beautiful homes. When exploring their options, the seniors and family members set up tours to find the perfect home.