As a parent ages, they won’t be able to take care of themselves without help, and the parent may need assistance with activities of daily life. Emerging health challenges are unpredictable. If the parent has dementia their healthcare needs change without warning, families have to decide if the parent’s needs are accommodated by home care or if it’s time to enter assisted living. 

Privacy and Their Own Space

Privacy is important to everyone, and retired seniors want their own space which is why many stay in the family home. In assisted living In West Hills, CA, residents that are able to live independently live in their own apartments and retain their privacy. 

Home care gives the client the advantage of the privacy of their own home, but to provide the best level of care, the senior may have one daytime nurse and a nighttime nurse. They have privacy, but the nurse remains in their home even when the senior is sleeping. An unethical healthcare worker may snoop through the person’s things because there is no one to hold them accountable.  

Coordinating the Care They Need

The assisted living homes are a terrific choice for getting all services in one place. The senior doesn’t have to go to other service providers for memory care services, and the family doesn’t pay more for a memory care specialist to visit their loved one. All care is coordinated according to the doctor’s current orders, and the residents follow a daily schedule as directed. All care providers come to the community to serve the client, and all services are covered by one fee. 

The Right Level of Security and Safety

A wandering loved one is an adult child’s greatest fear because, at later stages of dementia, their parent could become lost and forget how to get home. Many seniors wander off each year, and some aren’t found until it’s too late. Home care is terrific for seniors who have health challenges, but with late-stage dementia, these parents need a secured area where they can walk around without wandering away from the community.  

Comparing Insurance Coverage and Allowances

All costs for moving into an assisted living community are covered through one monthly payment. Seniors who move into the communities are living on retirement funds or Social Security retirement benefits. If they move into an apartment in the community, they pay rent and normal household expenses.

Health insurance and disability coverage pay for home care services. Unfortunately, some policies will not cover the full expense of the services through the remainder of the person’s life. The seniors and their families incur charges for any home health services that aren’t paid by insurance coverage.  

Loneliness and Premature Death Statistics

A lack of socialization leads to loneliness and premature death. Elderly people need a purpose, and if they isolate from the world, they become anxious and fearful. They also become lonely and depressed. This places them at risk of being targeted by scammers and grifters. In a community, there are plenty of chances to make friends and companions, and with friends, they are less likely to fall victim to these criminals.  

Amazing Homes for Seniors

At Fallbrook Glen of West Hills, we have lovely apartments and private living spaces for residents, and our community gives residents everything they need for a better quality of life. Our amenities include transportation, housekeeping, and memory care activities. Ready for a fun and private life? Set up a personal tour of the community now.