Agreeing to move a loved one into a senior living community is a difficult decision, and the hard work doesn’t end there; you’ll still have to find the right place for them. How can families choose the best options for members who need a little extra care? Here, caregivers will learn how to find the right assisted living community for seniors.

Know Their Care Requirements

First, identify the senior’s requirements, as assisted living communities offer multiple levels of care. For instance, skilled nursing is for senior citizens requiring around-the-clock help, much like a hospital, while assisted living is best for those needing only basic care. After a heartfelt discussion with other family members, the senior’s primary care doctor can help the family determine which type of assisted living In West Hills, CA will meet their needs.

Research Regulations and Rules

Unlike a nursing home, which is typically regulated by the federal government, every state has different standards for assisted living communities. Learn about the state’s regulations and rules, as some places do not train their staff or offer information on violations and inspections.

Inspect Placements for Cleanliness and Safety

After making a short list of potential communities, inspect each for safety and cleanliness. Does the place smell and feel clean upon arrival? Are the windows and furnishings cleaned regularly? Feel free to ask about each community’s housekeeping methods and how loved ones’ personal spaces will be maintained and cleaned. Ensure that doors have functional locks, bathrooms include grab bars and other safety features, and that fire safety systems are installed.

Monitor the Staff

During a visit to an assisted living community, observe the staff’s workflow and friendliness. Are staffing levels acceptable? Are there enough employees to meet residents’ requirements? These are important questions for family members to ask when choosing a senior living placement, as the answers will determine whether the person gets the care and attention they deserve.

Ask About Daily Personal Care

Though staff members may seem caring and attentive, it’s still crucial for families to ask questions about grooming, bathing, and other types of personal care. It’s a factor that makes the difference between a dignified resident and a dissatisfied one, so ensure that the community you choose offers such services.

Learn About Transportation Choices

Most senior living communities offer transportation services, and it’s important for families to learn about them. While all placements offer a basic level of personal care, transportation is instrumental in helping seniors maintain their social connections and independence.

Visit During Activities

When booking a tour, ask to schedule it when an activity is planned. Observe how staff and residents interact with one another and note whether the residents seem to be enjoying themselves. Ask for a calendar of events and whether outside trips are scheduled.

Come at Mealtime

As seniors are at greater risk of malnourishment, assisted living communities must work to ensure that adequate nutrition is offered. By touring a community at mealtime, families can gain firsthand knowledge of the quality of the food the residents receive and whether they’re served according to the modifications they need. An outside or in-house dietitian can ensure that residents’ nutritional needs are noted and met.

Learn the Pet Policy

If your loved one has or is planning to get a pet, ask about each community’s rules and regulations. While most places recognize the beneficial connections between pets and seniors, it’s important to ensure that they’re accepted before a firm commitment is made.

Ask Residents and Families for Feedback

Along with the observations the family makes, others’ feedback may also be helpful when choosing a senior living community. Ask residents and family members about their experiences, good and bad, and consider their advice carefully.

Read Online Reviews

Looking for reviews of senior living communities is another helpful way to learn about the level of care and resident satisfaction they provide. Most places have evaluations and ratings from current and previous residents’ families, as well as input from staff members.

Trust Your Intuition

Most people know when they’ve found the right place—or when something is off. Whether your first impression of a community is a good or bad one, it’s important to trust it. If you’re at ease, chances are, your loved one will be, too.

Make the Right Decision

Whether you’re looking for a place that offers basic or more involved care, it’s important to do some research before choosing a senior living community. By following these tips, families can find the answers they need to make informed decisions.

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