Independence is important to seniors, but as they age some conditions, such as dementia, prevent elderly people from living on their own. The transition through this life event is often harder for seniors who have been independent most of their lives, and they need as much encouragement as possible. Following these tips make the transition from independent living as smooth as possible.  

Introduce the Loved One to Neighbors

Transitioning is easier if the elderly loved one can make new friends quickly. A great idea is to take them around to meet their neighbors before they move into the assisted living community, and the family can gauge how well they get along with these neighbors. When families find a community with like-minded individuals living closely together, people get along better, and there are fewer conflicts. A chance to meet the neighbors before moving in gives the seniors a chance to determine if the community is the best choice for their needs. 

Give Them a Chance to Visit First

A tour eases seniors into this transition and allows them to walk around the community and see if it’s what they want. It’s too easy for families to take over the process of choosing a community for their loved one. If their elderly loved one isn’t a part of the decision-making process, the senior could become combative. Families need their elderly loved ones to be happy with where they live. It’s hard enough for them to accept that they cannot live on their own anymore, but if the senior doesn’t get the option to choose where they live, it can present really unhealthy circumstances for them.  

Let Them Try Out Vital Services 

After a parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, they know that memory care services are vital for their well-being. In fact, doctors tell them it’s important to participate in the programs to retain more of their memory for longer. Senior communities offer these services for residents, and if the senior can meet the staff that conducts the services, it’s helpful. If they get a chance to get to know the staff on a more personal level, the seniors might become more comfortable with living in the community and getting the services they need. Visits can help them find the best community and access to a nice and compassionate staff. 

Give The Senior the Creature Comforts of Home

In assisted living in West Hills, CA, residents get their own living spaces that they decorate however they choose. Families can make the effort to give their elderly loved ones all the creature comforts of home and keep them more comfortable in their new surroundings. Residents in senior communities get vital services they need such as housekeeping and meal preparation services. For many seniors, this is a major change since they have been used to creating their own meals and cleaning up after themselves. For some elderly people, this part of the transition is quite nice and gives them more time to relax. 

Help The Loved One Figure Out What They Need for Their New Home

Downsizing is often the first step before a senior move into a senior community, and their family must help them figure out what they need in that new home. The family home is filled with belongings the owner has accumulated over decades, and this can become incredibly overwhelming for an elderly parent. Getting together as a group makes this step in the transition easier, and everyone makes decisions together about the family home and its contents.  

Space Out Family Visits A Little at a Time

After a parent has moved into an assisted living community, the family can space out visits to give the parent time to adjust. They should plan visits for days that won’t interfere with the parent’s new schedule in the community.  

Introduce the Senior to Community Activities

Seniors want to stay active and feel like a part of the community. A terrific way to accomplish that goal is to introduce the elderly loved one to the different activities that are available in the community. If these events fall in line with their lifestyle, their transition is easier and they adjust to the new living arrangement faster.  

Homes for Seniors 

At Fallbrook Glen Senior Living, we offer help for seniors who need a little extra assistance with ADLs and other aspects of life. Our staff keeps everyone comfortable and happy within the communities, and we present a friendly and carefree environment for everyone. Set up a tour of our community and see if it’s the best place for your elderly loved one.