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Fallbrook Glen hosts special events that are beneficial to our residents and community. Check in with us here for news and upcoming events.

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Supporting Family Members in Assisted Living: Tips and Options

Tips for Supporting Family Members in Assisted Living The choice to move to a senior living community can be difficult, not just for future residents but also for their family caregivers and other loved ones. That said, the initial discussion about whether it might be time to consider assisted living is usually the most difficult [...]

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Fallbrook Glen’s New Eversound Hearing System

Science has proven that there's a link between aging and hearing loss. Though not all hearing impairment stems from aging, quite a few cases do. In fact, studies indicate that only two percent of adults between the ages of 45 and 54 suffer from hearing loss while that number increases to almost nine percent among [...]

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Talking with Your Senior Relatives About Finances

Children often rely on parents to act as their first financial teachers. Parents may directly teach their children about how to manage money, or they become role models through their behavior. As parents age, the adult child gradually takes on a different role. What that role looks like can depend on the health and abilities [...]

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Why You Should Look For Therapy Programs When Searching for Assisted Living?

Aging is a natural process, but no two individuals grow old equally. Some people retain complete independence, while others may require assistance daily. Choices for living accommodations are often a concern, especially when help with day-to-day care is necessary. When searching for a place to live out the Golden Years, look for an environment that [...]

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Presenting Assisted Living to a Parent in Denial

Family dynamics often change when a person suggests the time has come to move a parent to assisted living. Siblings may argue over whether this needs to be done, and the parent could remain in denial. As this happens, the health of the senior may decline, and their home may fall into disrepair.  When the [...]

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Clinical Depression: How Assisted Living Helps Seniors

Millions of seniors are currently living with depression. Many have yet to be diagnosed and receive treatment because their symptoms have gone unnoticed. As such, they're suffering in silence and not receiving the care they need to deal with depression and its many ill effects. Many people think depression consists of occasional bouts of sadness, [...]

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