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Fallbrook Glen hosts special events that are beneficial to our residents and community. Check in with us here for news and upcoming events.

Fallbrook Glen Alzheimer's discussion flyer every third Thursday of the month at 6pm

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Helpful Tips for Seniors to Support Memory Growth

As we age and grow, we expect to feel many changes in different aspects of our bodies. Short-term memory, memory gap, and memory loss is a common complaint among older people. It happens due to the decreased blood flow to the brain, which can impair memory and lead to cognitive skills changing. To prevent the [...]

10 Healthy Foods for Proper Senior Nutrition

What you eat will greatly affect your health and nutrition over the years, especially during seniorhood. In fact, the WHO reported that most seniors aged 65 and older suffer from certain diseases later in life due to their unhealthy eating behaviors. So whether you live alone or in a senior assisted living community,  it’s crucial [...]

How to Understand Mental Health for Seniors in Memory Care

By 2050, the WHO expects the senior population to balloon from its current 12% to 22%--that’s 900 million older adults aged 60 and above increasing to a whopping 2 billion after 30 years. But the surging population of elderlies benefits society as they continue contributing towards its progress. This includes their efforts to participate in [...]

Modern Technology for Seniors in Assisted Living

Continuous technological innovations have helped to make everyone’s life easier and more convenient, not to mention more fun and enjoyable. From unique Apple watches that track your fitness, to high-tech Tesla cars and exciting virtual reality games, who would not love modern technology? But for seniors, new technologies mean more than just a month of [...]

5 Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle as You Age

What Happens To Us When We Get Older? Even at younger ages, not exercising regularly and eating improperly can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and heart attacks, as well as an overall lower health-related quality of life. So, in order to appreciate the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle as older adults, it [...]

How to Adjust to Living in Assisted Living

Moving your parents to an assisted living facility is an extremely emotional affair, even if they are willing to do it. Your parents might miss their youth, their independence, or the home that they made for themself over the years. They might also be afraid of making new friends and aging in an unfamiliar place. [...]

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