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Making the Transition as Smooth as Possible

Independence is important to seniors, but as they age some conditions, such as dementia, prevent elderly people from living on their own. The transition through this life event is often harder for seniors who have been independent most of their lives, and they need as much encouragement as possible. Following these tips make the transition [...]

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Using Words to Uplift Your Aging Loved Ones

Aging loved ones face many challenges and unexpected circumstances, and they need encouragement to work through each new situation. For instance, parents with dementia need more understanding and patience, and loved ones and caregivers must choose their words carefully to avoid causing harm or discouraging their aging loved ones from achieving their personal goals. Uplifting [...]

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Assisted Living or Home Care?

As a parent ages, they won't be able to take care of themselves without help, and the parent may need assistance with activities of daily life. Emerging health challenges are unpredictable. If the parent has dementia their healthcare needs change without warning, families have to decide if the parent's needs are accommodated by home care [...]

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Learn More About Protecting the Elderly From Scams

Millions of people become victims of fraud every year, and the elderly are criminals' favorite targets. Fraudsters reach victims through computers, mail, phone, or even TV and radio. Older Americans are often targeted because they are likely to own a home, have savings, and maintain good credit. They are also more likely to be trusting [...]

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Seniors Living Their Best Lives

The best years of life are not only experienced during youthful periods. Thanks to their experience, wisdom, and attitude, many senior adults are doing extraordinary things. Despite certain perceptions held by society regarding aging adults, seniors are living full, meaningful lives and are still achieving great things. Older adults in their golden years have stunned [...]

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Learn More About Dementia

People often think of dementia as a single disease, but it is actually a group of diseases that present similar symptoms. People suffering from dementia struggle to remember things, find it challenging to make decisions, and may have issues concentrating. The symptoms interfere with their daily life and may affect a person of any age.  [...]

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