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Upcoming Events

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Fallbrook Glen hosts special events that are beneficial to our residents and community. Check in with us here for news and upcoming events.

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This is your shot vaccine clinic flyer for Fallbrook Glen
Fallbrook Glen Alzheimer's discussion flyer every third Thursday of the month at 6pm

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How to Adjust to Living in Assisted Living

Moving your parents to an assisted living facility is an extremely emotional affair, even if they are willing to do it. Your parents might miss their youth, their independence, or the home that they made for themself over the years. They might also be afraid of making new friends and aging in an unfamiliar place. [...]

How to Budget for a Senior Living Community

Budgeting has never been a fun and easy task. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working young adult, you’ll find that your money doesn’t seem to be enough to support your daily bills and expenses. So, what more for older adults relying on a fixed income? Many seniors face financial problems during their retirement [...]

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10 Exciting Holiday Activities for Seniors

Older adults love the holiday season mainly because of the festive activities that come with it! It is one of the rarest times in the year where loved ones gather together and share the holiday spirit.  It might be a little different this year due to the pandemic, but who says you cannot have fun [...]

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Seven Benefits of Staying Active As You Age

It is of vital importance to stay active even as you age. Otherwise, a sedentary lifestyle among senior citizens may eventually lead to a variety of health ailments. Exercising regularly ensures the supply of an adequate amount of oxygen to the brain, which, in turn, prevents senility from setting in. It is essential to make [...]

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6 Fun Activities for Seniors With Memory Loss

Seniors suffering from memory loss and other forms of dementia need to stay engaged in meaningful activities to enrich their lives.  Caring for them means you need to set up activities that would engage and stimulate their minds while also being practical.  It would be difficult at first since you need to experiment with different [...]

13 Healthy and Savory Thanksgiving Dishes for Seniors

Most Thanksgiving meals are full of fats, carbs, sugar, and salt. But with some creative cooking ideas, you can make a delicious low-calorie Thanksgiving meal for your senior loved ones. Here are 13 healthy foods and desserts that older adults can enjoy this Thanksgiving.    1. Whole Wheat Rolls Seniors must get 14 grams of [...]

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