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Fallbrook Glen hosts special events that are beneficial to our residents and community. Check in with us here for news and upcoming events.

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How to Find the Best Assisted Living Community Near You

Living independently has numerous perks, especially for young adults who just started discovering life. However, as you grow older and reach your seniorhood, you might find it more challenging and lonelier to live alone. For starters, living independently means you don’t have anyone to do the heavy lifting for you, especially when it comes to [...]

5 Fun Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Hobbies and activities are an essential part of growing up, as well as growing old. Older adults need it to keep their bodies moving, stimulate their minds, or interact with other people. Additionally, a favorite activity or hobby gives you something to look forward to every day while in your assisted living community. However, many [...]

8 Facts You Should Know About Senior Mental Health Awareness

Advocates have come a long way in campaigning for mental health awareness through several movements across the globe. Today, we see it coming to fruition by the vast number of people recognizing mental health as an essential part of one’s overall well-being. However, there’s still so much to learn and improve on when it comes [...]

5 Benefits of Moving to Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities have transformed for the better to provide the finest services that modern seniors deserve.  Despite knowing that, it is still hard for most older adults to relocate to a senior community. Saying goodbye to years of memories built in the four walls of their home is hard enough without including the adjustment [...]

Helpful Tips for Seniors to Support Memory Growth

As we age and grow, we expect to feel many changes in different aspects of our bodies. Short-term memory, memory gap, and memory loss is a common complaint among older people. It happens due to the decreased blood flow to the brain, which can impair memory and lead to cognitive skills changing. To prevent the [...]

10 Healthy Foods for Proper Senior Nutrition

What you eat will greatly affect your health and nutrition over the years, especially during seniorhood. In fact, the WHO reported that most seniors aged 65 and older suffer from certain diseases later in life due to their unhealthy eating behaviors. So whether you live alone or in a senior assisted living community,  it’s crucial [...]

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