Family dynamics often change when a person suggests the time has come to move a parent to assisted living. Siblings may argue over whether this needs to be done, and the parent could remain in denial. As this happens, the health of the senior may decline, and their home may fall into disrepair. 

When the parent doesn’t agree that they can no longer live alone or they refuse to discuss the issue, a family may not know what to do. Emotions run high, and the parent may become stubborn and refuse to even discuss making the move to a senior living community. What can the family do in this situation? 

Plan Ahead

Families often refuse to look at the future and what it may hold. They don’t want to admit their parents are getting older and will need more help. Don’t make this mistake. 

Families should talk about what needs to be done when this day arrives. Although it may be years in the future, many individuals will find they cannot remain in their own homes. A parent may say that they are taking care to avoid the need to move, but they cannot control every aspect of life. 

Pay Attention

People lead busy lives. They may not notice that the parent is struggling, and the parent refuses to admit they need help. When the family comes to this conclusion, the parent may remain in denial. Start spending more time with the parent and pointing out the benefits of assisted living. 

For example, a child could arrive at the parent’s home and see they don’t have any groceries. The child may offer to take the parent to the store. While there, they can point out the parent’s favorite foods and explain how easy it is to get to the store when the parent moves to assisted living in West Hills, CA

Do the Hard Stuff

Many adults equate the memory care community talk with their parents with the talk they gave their kids about sex. It’s never easy to approach the topic, but it must be done. Keep this in mind and sit down with the parent. Open up the conversation without putting any pressure on the parent to make an immediate decision. 

People need to realize this conversation must be ongoing. They cannot wait until an assisted living with memory care community is needed. This topic should be brought up often and discussed quietly and calmly. This will help the parent adjust to the fact they cannot live alone. 

Rehearse what will be said to ensure all family members are in agreement. Everyone knows their role in the conversation and family members are less likely to contradict each other. Commiserate with the parent who doesn’t want to leave the home but highlight the benefits of doing so during this conversation. 

Recognize the Sense of Loss

A parent doesn’t want to lose their home and their familiar things. They believe that will happen if they transition to a community providing care for seniors. Explain this is not necessary. They can bring family photos and sentimental items. Many communities allow them to bring their own furniture as well. 

Talk about how it will be nice to live surrounded by others in similar situations. Recognize that it is scary moving somewhere new, but point out that they can do this. Respect these feelings and figure out how to work through them with the parent. 

In addition, reassure the seniors that they will not be abandoned. This is one reason many seniors choose to stay in denial. They worry that moving to a senior living community means family members will forget about them. In some cases, the parents are so busy with their new friends that they are the ones who don’t have time for family after they make the move. 

These are only a few of many things a family can do to help a parent realize they need to move to assisted living. Research different communities to find one that meets the parent’s needs and talk with staff members in this community to get other ideas on how to make the parent understand the importance of making this move. 

Staff members deal with this type of situation every day. They are valuable resources for family members as the process moves forward. Learn more today about how to help a parent come to this realization, as it will be one of the best moves they ever make. 

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