The best years of life are not only experienced during youthful periods. Thanks to their experience, wisdom, and attitude, many senior adults are doing extraordinary things. Despite certain perceptions held by society regarding aging adults, seniors are living full, meaningful lives and are still achieving great things.

Older adults in their golden years have stunned and inspired others with their incredible feats. From running marathons to scaling mountains, seniors still retain some agility, strength, and a formidable spirit. Some famous seniors have published wildly successful novels, bounced back from health setbacks, and enjoyed fame in the art world.

So many incredible stories force society to reconsider widespread perceptions about senior adults and life in one’s golden years. Anything is possible with faith, determination, and persistent actions.

Living Life Like It’s Golden

Life is meant to be enjoyed and full of vibrancy, and residents at senior living communities can take inspiration from various stories. Anna Mary Robertson Moses, more affectionately known as Grandma Moses, was a farm wife and mother. She started painting in her 70s when it became too difficult to embroider.

After a life spent living on a farm, she drew inspiration from her experiences to create fantastic paintings. When a New York art collector discovered the artist’s work, this female senior became a household name and had her art exhibited worldwide.

Never Too Late To Learn and Achieve

It’s not only self-taught individuals who gain incredible accomplishments. Many older adults return to school to complete their education and earn a degree, especially if they had interruptions earlier in life. At the age of 95, Nola Ochs received her bachelor’s degree from Fort Hays State University in Kansas. Following that, Ms. Ochs also earned a master’s degree. 

Leo Plass had to pause his education in 1932 because of financial hardship brought on by The Great Depression. It was only one semester before Leo was to graduate, but he took on work at a logging outfit for higher pay. After many years, at the age of 99, Leo Plass finally completed his degree at Eastern Oregon University.

Displays of Physical Strength and Agility

As the life expectancy for people continues to rise, it’s essential to stay active physically and mentally. Getting regular exercise keeps the body healthy, the mind sharp, and invigorates the human spirit. There are plenty of scheduled activities at quality assisted living homes that allow senior residents to stay fit.

Senior adults continue to stun and inspire the world by accomplishing feats of strength and determination. Olga Kotelko is a 92-year old track and field champion who has baffled doctors with her impressive physical prowess. She is a record holder for over 20 track-and-field events.

At the age of 81, Lew Hollander was the oldest participant to complete the Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Anyone who dares to participate in the challenge is very tough. All participants must swim 2.4 miles, ride a bike for 122 miles, and finish a 26.2-mile marathon.

Significant Contributions to Society and Culture

Residents choose an assisted living community for the high quality of life, culture, planned activities, and accommodations. Being older and living in beautiful, peaceful surroundings can encourage seniors to focus on writing, the arts, or advancing society.

Many fine works of art and writing were not created until the owner was in their golden years. Author J.R.R. Tolkien didn’t finish writing The Lord of the Rings, the sequel to The Hobbit until he was in his 60s. When Pablo Picasso was 87, he created an astonishing 347 engravings in only one year.

It wasn’t until Susan B. Anthony had already advanced into her 80s when she formed the International Woman’s Suffrage Alliance. Mother Teresa didn’t receive a Nobel Peace Prize until she was 69. She was known worldwide for her work with the infirm and poor as well as her extensive charity work.

There is no time limit on setting goals to achieve something extraordinary in life, and many seniors have proven their outstanding ability to succeed. Earning a degree, running a marathon, or creating a beloved novel represent only a few things that are possible. Life is only beginning again when seniors tap into their wealth of knowledge, experience, and inner strength to achieve a goal.

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