Aging loved ones face many challenges and unexpected circumstances, and they need encouragement to work through each new situation. For instance, parents with dementia need more understanding and patience, and loved ones and caregivers must choose their words carefully to avoid causing harm or discouraging their aging loved ones from achieving their personal goals. Uplifting words and encouragement are the best strategies for communicating with an aging parent.  

Give Them Compliments

A simple compliment places an aging parent in a better mood for the whole day. The family member or caregiver doesn’t have to present an extensive narrative to the senior for them to feel better, and the loved one’s compliment could be something as minor as an appreciation of the parent’s personal style or fashion sense.

They can tell the parent that they love how they styled their hair, that their clothing is lovely, or that it’s nice to see their smile. Just a small expression to uplift the senior is all they need to change their day and brighten their mood. In an assisted living community, the residents receive compliments from caregivers and their new friends. 

Ask About Their Career Achievements

Family members and caregivers uplift seniors by asking about their career achievements, and the seniors love to share their stories. If they talk about happy times in their lives, the residents are in a terrific mood, and they stay positive throughout the day.

Life experiences help the seniors tap into happier memories, and these memories improve their recollection of other things in their life. For instance, parents with dementia participate in memory care services, and sometimes tapping into their memories helps them remember everyday expressions and terms. Some activities help them associate everyday words with a memory, and as the residents recall the memory, they remember the words they forgot.

Discuss Personal Triumphs

Personal triumphs help seniors get through tough days, and praise is necessary to keep them motivated during trying times. Aging seniors with dementia experience many emotions and frustrations as the disease progresses, and they need encouragement and uplifting words to keep them on task.

Family members can remind their aging parents of their achievements to tap into their emotions during fulfilling times in their lives. If they experience these positive emotions when discussing their triumphs, the seniors can tap into these emotions when facing struggles. Do you want to help your aging loved one aspire to have a fulfilling life with dementia? Find out more about assisted living in West Hills, CA.

Praise Them for Daily Achievements

Daily achievements need praise, too, and the family and caregiver must offer uplifting words when seniors achieve these daily goals. With dementia, the residents need tasks with only one or two steps, and the seniors complete the tasks efficiently. Some seniors need cues and reminders to complete tasks each day.

Caregivers and family members must offer encouragement even if the senior doesn’t complete the tasks as expected. Dementia alters the mind and causes cognitive decline, and the phase of the disease defines what the residents can do on their own. By offering praise for achievements and attempts, the seniors stay motivated to complete activities of daily life.

New Approach to Diet and Exercise

Seniors with dementia must avoid foods that accelerate their symptoms, and doctors recommend special diets. Aging parents might not be keen on eliminating foods they love from their diet. In later stages of dementia, entertainment and fun activities give the seniors a little nudge to make these changes.

For instance, the family or caregiver could offer praise for eating vegetables or reward the aging parent for following these dietary instructions. Mid to late stages of dementia make the resident more child-like, and positive reinforcement aids in getting the seniors to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.

Encourage Them to Participate in Group Conversations

Group discussions in senior communities help everyone get a chance to share their life stories and input on current events, and families and caregivers should encourage the residents to get involved. Encouraging words get them to overcome shyness and apprehension, and the seniors feel included in these discussions.  

Terrific Homes for Seniors 

At Fallbrook Glen Senior Living, we offer wonderful homes for seniors who live independently or need assistance, and our community provides terrific amenities for all residents. In our community, residents receive encouragement daily, and we all work to help each other achieve various goals. If you want to find out what life is like in our community, come for a visit and set up a private tour.